About Us

Janata Prasaran Tatha Prakashan Limited was founded by a group of scholars dedicated to publish the best in various topical areas for the scholarly and professional communities Nepal. Established on 2 February,2012 (19 Magh2068). The company was established with the objective to deliver excellence in academic and scholarly publishing and to be an integral partner for research and professional communities in Nepal and abroad. As it grew, the company expanded its objectives and decided to launch the online news portal, television, radio and print media. Therefore, the company started its online news portal www.janatasamachar.com from 12 January 2017 ( 28 Paush, 2073). It is now at the final stage of the preparation for launching JANATA Television from the beginning of Nepali New Year.  As Nepal still lacks skilled human resources and experts in the media, the company also plans to establish a college which will be focusing on the specialized studies of mass communication that will individually emphasize on film study, television, sports and other technical subjects within it.


Private, public and government investment in the information and communication sector leads to diversified investment, supportive towards building a democratic society inclusive of all the diversified opinions and viewpoints. This company will promote spaces for independent opinions and viewpoints regardless of any politicking or other business influences. One of the specialties of the company is public financing/investment unlike traditional private or organizational investment. Company also aims to minimize outside influence in the communication sector through production and dissemination of programs of public interests. The company will establish as an influential media with strong economic foundation, imparting an impartial as well as influential opinion to the mass.

3. Objective, Vision and Mission

3.1 Objective

This company is established with an objective to contribute in the national unity and inclusive progress through dissemination of impartial and candid information on various opinions and viewpoints that plays a vital role in the formation of pluralism.

3.2 Vision

  • To establish this network as the first choice of people among all the publication and media houses in the country
  • To contribute to the development of inclusive democratic society
  • To establish this company as renowned media house of the country

3.3 Mission

  • To use latest new technologies for the dissemination of information
  • Raise awareness of the people through dissemination of impartial information and candid opinions along with healthy entertainment based on accuracy and credibility.
  • To perform for the best interest of people, investors and consumers through forming an opinion towards nationalism.
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